Shuttle & Pet Transport

Classic Shuttle

When moving, there are often unforeseen problems, such as a height or weight restriction at your existing or your new premises. This could mean that the removals trucks are too large to enter the premises, and would have to park over 30m away.

This is where our Classic Shuttle Service becomes very valuable, as the goods are then shuttled from the larger removal truck into the premises with our shuttle vehicles.

This service is essential for certain moves and is provided for a very nominal extra fee.

Classic Pet & Car Transport

In order to give all our clients a fully comprehensive and complete service, we created the Classic Car and Pet transport division.

We have aligned ourselves with specialist companies that understand and accommodate the specific requirements so necessary to transport vehicles and pets.

Pets find moving house incredibly stressful, so we offer a bespoke pet moving service that helps to keep the move as stress free as possible for you and your pets.

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